Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday Night Fever And Snuggly Popcorn...

Noah has been counting down to this moment with his little sister, Miss Bella Roo all week... My four year old officially has Friday night fever!

 Every Friday, Matt and I let Noah and Ellenah have a movie night with some kind of goodies. It is something that they have done for a while now and usually we let them go and chill out in our bed so there is enough room for them both. We usually get them in their p.j's, brush their teeth, kiss them goodnight and make ourselves scarce. Every now and again we poke our heads in... but in general, they enjoy the time together, just being brother and sister. They seem to appreciate the time alone to laugh, to bond and to not have to fight for attention. 

With all of the space that a big bed has, they don't use it. We will make our way up to bed and will usually find Ellenah tucked in, snuggled under the cover and Noah, on top of the covers with his arm over her, or his leg over hers or his head resting on her tummy... and they look so comfortable, so happy.

Tonight they asked to watch a movie on the big t.v downstairs and because Noah has been a complete star this week (first week back after half term), compared to his usual demonic self (again, usually after his first week back)... we said yes! So we lay out the double sleeping bag, pillows galore, teddy bears at the ready and popcorn to hand... They are ready for a movie night!

Hmmmm.... Where do Matt and I go now? ha ha

x Maria x

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